HR Documents

The Employment Contract 

is a legal document which sets out the main terms and conditions governing the Employer and Employee Relationship and exists to protect both parties. 


Getting the Employment Contract right will save you time and money in the future if there is any dispute over the terms. 


The issuing of a contract became a Day One Right in April 2020, which means a new employee must be given their Contract of Employment on their first day working for you at the latest.

HR Letters and Policies 

Communicating information to your employees is important.  Making sure the information is lawful and won't land you in hot water is critical.

We provide bespoke HR documents not templates to ensure that your message is appropriate and doesn't breach employment law in any way.

The Employee Handbook 

is an optional document that can accompany the Contract and can be referred to within the Contract; however, usually we recommend that this is a non-contractual document which means it is easier to amend sections when necessary.

Some HR Policies, such as a Disciplinary Policy, are required by law and the Handbook is a great place for keeping these policies easily accessible for everyone.


Our HR Consultants know how quickly Employment Law changes.  If you choose Be