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Does Your Business Really Need HR?

If your business employs people, irrespective of the number, then yes, your business needs Human Resources.

Employment law applies to all employees and the single employee in one business has the same employment rights as the employee who is one of 1000's in a big organisation.

Larger businesses tend to employ a dedicated, qualified HR person but small businesses often can’t justify doing that.

As the owner of a small business you may have an interest in HR and the time to monitor employment law changes and the impact they may have on your business. You may have enough capacity, from April 2020, to make sure that every new employee has a written statement on their first day at the latest, for example.

But you may be so busy just running and growing your business that these things may get overlooked, creating business risk. So what can you do?

Small businesses often use an external HR Consultant who brings the same qualification, skills and knowledge as an employed HR Officer or Manager would have but without the same level of investment or commitment from you.

A Consultant is employed by their HR Consultancy, or self employed, and your business is only billed for the work done for you by the Consultant. Most Consultants will offer their services on a monthly retainer basis or charge by the day or the hour, which can be particularly beneficial to small businesses. They can work remotely so you don’t need to find a desk or office space for them and they provide their own IT equipment and maintain their HR knowledge at their own expense. Plus you don’t pay holiday pay, statutory payments, NI contribution or pension for them - all big cost savings for you.

A Consultant will be much more flexible than an HR employee and will be able to scale up or down to support business growth or just to accommodate peaks and troughs in a seasonal business.

If your small business would benefit from discussing how an HR Consultant could help please get in touch or, if you anyone who may be interested, please feel free to share.