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FREE* HR Health Check

At Bear Human Resources, we know how hard small business owners have to work to keep the business going and the number of hats you have to wear every day.

We also know that sometimes it's impossible to fit everything in and that something that isn't crucial to your business can get overlooked.

And that's where we think our offer would help you and, even better, it's completely FREE* and leaves you under no obligation to sign up to anything with us.

Our HR Consultant will check that your Employment Contracts are up to date and ready for April and that all the mandatory parts are included.

As Employment Law specialists we will also review any HR policies that you may already have in place. There are some policies that you must have and we will identify if they are

missing or out of date. As well as the policies you must have their is a whole suite of policies you could have and with a brief understanding of your business the Human Resources Consultant will be able to advise any additional policies for your consideration but rest assured, unless you are highly regulated (and in which case you would probably have everything anyway) we never recommend a policy just for the sake of it - remember we understand how little time you have.

Your Employee Handbook is a very important document because it sets out your business's rules and procedures for your employees to access easily so we will be keen to review this as well, if you have one.

Once the Consultant completes your HR Audit, they will supply you with a report of their findings and identify any gaps for you to review. Whilst we would be delighted to help you to fill any identified gaps, there is no obligation for you to even take our advice, let alone have our HR Specialist carry out the work for you. If you want to, you can complete the work yourself, let a trusted employee or perhaps a family member complete it for you.

We offer this free service because, as HR professionals, we want to help small businesses ensure they comply with legislation. We know it is forever changing. We know you have far more important things to do. We know you probably think you have nothing to worry about with your employees. But we also know (and have seen too many times) that when HR goes wrong it can be very costly and even more time consuming to put right at that stage.

If you would like to have a chat with us, please get in touch. We are more than happy to arrange an initial face to face meeting if you would prefer and our only charge for this is a nice hot cup of coffee!